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Leda Strong

Hi, and thank you for visiting! As many of you know, I have spent Monday nights this school year up in the Bronx with an incredible organization called South Bronx United. SBU is a youth soccer program that leverages the power of soccer as a vehicle for social change. Members of the team must attend tutoring/academic support sessions each weeknight to be eligible to play in games on the weekends.

That's where I come in! Every Monday, I tutor a group of five awesome sophomores in English. Alou, Amadou, Jose, Amarys and Sheila make the long journey on the 5 train more than worth it! If you know me well, you've probably heard a story (or seven) about how hard these students work, how hard they make me laugh, and how lucky I feel to kick off each week with them (soccer pun). These students excel on and off the soccer field as scholars, citizens, and members of their communities. See below for daily videos of different SBU students!

The Power of 11 campaign is a nod to the 11 players on a soccer field and the incredible feats that can happen as a result of teamwork, resilience, and dedication to achieving a goal. I am asking that you contribute any amount, large or small, to this cause - every little bit counts, just like when you're part of a team!

Thank you!!!


When Axel moved from the Honduras to the U.S. and joined SBU, the first thing they told him was "education is the first thing." Hear his story here!

Hear SBU member Maria Martinez discuss the importance of soccer for girls, as well as for her personal transition from Mexico to the U.S.

Hear SBU member Alhousseine Kallo tell his story!

Hear from SBU member Jhonny Theze discuss how soccer and especially South Bronx United helped with his move from Haiti to the United States!


#Powerof11 Kickoff Video


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