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Support SBU's growth during critical times!

Steph And Andrew So

Steph and Andrew So

Dear Friends and Family,

South Bronx United has come a long way since we founded the organization in 2009. This year we anticipate passing $1 million in annual revenue for the first the time. Every dollar goes back to into South Bronx programs, primarily serving immigrant and first generation youth in the classroom and on the soccer field.

We need your help to continue this growth and expand our impact in the community!

SBU served more than 1,100 boys and girls this year. Within the past five years, 100% of seniors in our SBU Academy program have graduated high school, and 95% have enrolled in college. This is in a community that the last U.S. Census deemed the poorest Congressional District in America with a 49 percent child poverty rate and a 51 percent high school graduation rate.

But South Bronx United is only reaching a fraction of its potential, and there is a lot more work to do. Immigrant youth and families we serve especially need our support to access college and carve a better life, through integral academic, social-emotional, and legal services. There are hundreds of children on waiting lists that SBU cannot reach due to capacity. We need to add alumni services to ensure students have the supports needed to stay in school and earn a degree. We need to strengthen academic programming for middle school students to help them get into better high schools. We are striving towards our long term goal of establishing a SBU community facility.

Support us in these goals by giving to #POWEROF11: Give South Bronx and immigrant youth the opportunity to join in as one of 11 players on the soccer field, one of 11 students in the classroom, or with a room of youth from 11 different nationalities.

The campaign closes on JUNE 11TH. Please reach out to me to find directly if you want to find out how else you can help!

Andrew and Steph
South Bronx United


#POWEROF11, No. 11: USA!


#POWEROF11, No. 10: Iyayi Imade, Nigeria & Germany

#POWEROF11, No. 9: Keyla Garcia, Colombia

#POWEROF11, No. 8: Rockshell Osei Antwi & Emmanuel Osei Amisah


#POWEROF11, No. 7: Keyla Peña

#POWEROF11, No. 6: Mohamed Kourouma, Guinea

#POWEROF11, No. 5: Javier Lopez, Venezuela

#POWEROF11, No. 4: Axel Chavez, Honduras


#POWEROF11, No. 3: Maria Martinez, Mexico


#POWEROF11, No. 1: Jhonny Theze, Haiti


#POWEROF11 Kickoff Video


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